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Cats in ties... and other clothing!

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"Mako" wearing his new tie collar

Theodore Mittens!

Chatty Cat Challenge


I was recently checking out Cats In Ties and saw the amazingly cute photos. It is clear you are a cat lover and so are your readers.

I work at Bayer Advantage II’s PR agency and I wanted to share a contest called the Chatty Cat Challenge with you as I thought it might be of interest. We’re asking cat owners to submit pictures, memes or videos along with a short narrative (from the cats point of view) on what keeps their feline friends healthy and happy, for a chance to win a three-year supply of Advantage II, a cat carrier and a iPad Mini!

If this sounds of interest to you and your readers, feel free to check it out here and enter:

May the best dressed cat win!

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jilesstiles said: How do I submit a photo of my feline? :]

At the top of our page, just select “Submit a cat”. Post the photo in the orm, and I’ll publish it <3

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bow tie by doistrakh on Flickr.


bow tie by doistrakh on Flickr.

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Freddie the schoolboy

Freddie the schoolboy

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“Dooog!! Open the door, DAMMIT!”


“Dooog!! Open the door, DAMMIT!”

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You may have seen The Great Gatsby over the weekend, but wait until you see The Great Catsby

I wait impatiently for the gifs. Please leave them packaged in pink paper at my door thankyouverymuch.